ESTE 2016 - Excited States of Transitions Elements
ESTE 2016 - Excited States of Transitions Elements
ESTE 2016 - Excited States of Transitions Elements

6th International Conference on
Excited States of Transitions Elements

Hotel Polanica Resort & Spa, Polanica Zdrój, Poland
21 - 26 August 2016


Scope / Speakers

The sixth International School is a continuation of the series of highly succesful meetings (Ksiaz Castle-1988, Karpacz-1991, Kudowa Zdroj-1994, Ladek Zdroj-2001, Piechowice-2010) held in Poland. The conference is devoted to all aspects of luminescence and luminescent materials doped both with transition and rare-earth metal ions. Novel fabrication technologies and techniques, studies of broadly understood optical properties of materials – single crystals, powders, sintered ceramics, luminescent complexes, nanostructures, glasses, amorphous systems – will be covered. State of the art of theoretical fundamental and applied research will be presented.

Conference Topics
  • Luminescent materials (single crystals, powders, ceramics, glasses, amorphous materials, complexes, nanosized luminescent materials/systems)
  • Luminescence phenomena
  • Characterization techniques for luminescent compounds; Synchrotron radiation in the research of luminescence processes
  • Theory of luminescence; Radiative and nonradiative processes
Invited speakers
Antonio Benayas (Canada)
Marco Bettinelli (Italy)
Georges Boulon (France)
Philippe Boutinaud (France)
Mikhail Brik (Estonia)
Hermi Brito (Brazil)
Nurdogan Can (Saudi Arabia)
John A. Capobianco (Canada)
Luis Carlos (Portugal)
Joan J. Carvajal (Spain)
Alessandro Chiasera (Italy)
Miroslav Dramićanin (Serbia)
Marek Grinberg (Poland)
Jorma Hölsä (South Africa)
Mathijs De Jong (The Netherlands)
Aleksander A. Kaminskii (Russian Federation)
Marco Kirm (Estonia)
Karl Krämer (Switzerland)
Ulrich Kynast (Germany)
Janina Legendziewicz (Poland)
Jiang Li (China)
Stefan Lis (Poland)
Oscar Malta (Brazil)
Pablo Molina (Spain)
Anja-Verena Mudring (USA)
Mingying Peng (China)
Marek Pietraszkiewicz (Poland)
Iwona Płodzich-Henning (Poland)
Marina N. Popova (Russian Federation)
Konstantin K. Pukhov (Russian Federation)
Renata Reisfeld (Israel)
Philippe Smet (Belgium)
Andrzej Suchocki (Poland)
Hendrik C. Swart (South Africa)
Jumpei Ueda (Japan)
Valentina Utochnikowa (Russian Federation)
Jing Wang (China)
Andrzej Wojtowicz (Poland)
Ka-Leung Wong (Hongkong)
Akira Yoshikawa (Japan)